Community Activities

“On the authority of Abu Huraira who said that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him said), “Every small bone of everyone has upon it a charitable act for everyday upon which the sun rises. Bringing about justice between two is an act of charity. Helping a man get on his mount, lifting him onto it or helping him put his belongings onto it, is a charitable act. A good word is a charitable act. Every step you take toward the prayer is a charitable act. And removing a harmful thing from the path is a charitable act.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Islam always encourages muslims to help others. LCIC understand the importance of community cohesion and continually aim to provide facilities for all the community.

In the past we have held events for the police academy and local youth groups such as brownies and schools. We find it very important to keep in touch with our neighbours and local councils.

For the past few years we have held a community Iftaar (breaking of the fast) and we have had great turnouts. We will continue to provide events like this and are currently in the process of organising further activities for the community and looking for more ways to work together.

If any schools or local organization would like to visit LCIC, please feel free to contact us.