Jummah (Friday Prayer)

The Prophet () said, “When it is a Friday, the angels stand at the gate of the mosque and keep on writing the names of the persons coming to the mosque in succession according to their arrivals. The example of the one who enters the mosque in the earliest hour is that of one offering a camel (in sacrifice). The one coming next is like one offering a cow and then a ram and then a chicken and then an egg respectively. When the Imam comes out (for Jumua prayer) they (i.e. angels) fold their papers and listen to the Khutba.” [Bukhari]

Jummah always feel like such a special occasion at LCIC. A great opportunity to meet members of the community and at least one chance in the week for us to forget about our stresses and worries of life and concentrate on spiritual reflection.

Before the prayer takes places, the Imaam provides a timely reminder and delivers lectures on various topics. Topics that have been included in the sermon have ranged from looking at what Islam’s says about family relationships and different ways of seeking Allah SWT’s pleasure to topics which are very current such as use of the internet and social networking. Alhumdullilah we always leave the Islamic Centre having learnt a valuable lesson which we can implement within our lives.

For many, Jummah Salat tends to fall into their lunch break, we as an Islamic Centre aim to provide an opportunity for those attending to purchase a hot meal with all proceeds going to the Islamic Centre.

We also sell halaal sweets at Jummah with all profits going to the Islamic Centre.